629 Tree Sky II mixed media on canvas
An image of Fisher´s Peak near the Trinidad, Colorado and Raton, New Mexico border. It was done in oil pastels on a small canvas.
630 Beach Scene mixed media on canvas
Done on a small canvas it shows palms on the beach at sunset.
631 Mature Cabuya mixed madia on canvas
A member of the aloe vera family this succulent is in bloom and seems to glow with strength. Done on a small canvas mainly with oil pastels.
633 Pachamama Giving Birth to Light mixed media on canvas
This is how the birth of light was imagined that stemmed from the feminine forces of nature. This meter squared canvas reflects the Farallones of Southwest Colombia with a storm gathering led by Pachamama, the primordial force of nature of the Quechua natives.
634 After Maria Theresa Negreiros mixed media on canvas
This shows the Amazon basin and the colors of blue and green mixing along the riverbank. It was inspired by the work of Maria Theresa Negreiros, retired artist and native of Cali.
635 Almmost Fat Tuesday acrylics and canvas
This was painted in acrylics on the week before Carnival on canvas and reflects festive mood of the season. Done on canvas.
636 Bee-Cats mixed media on canvas
Done on a large stretched canvas primarily with oil pastels. It imagines a cat tree and flying beecats carrying falling leaves. About one meter square in size.
637 Boyaca Basket Man charcoal and graphite on
Taken from a photographic image of a basket salesman in Boyaca, Colombia. Done in graphite and charcoal on paper.
638 Dog Park Tree II mixed media on canvas RLO
A variety of a ficus tree found in Dog Park, Cali, Colombia. It shows the weathering and effects of aging against a neutral backdrop. Done on canvas of nearly a square meter in size mainly with oil pastels.
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