Golden Rubber Tree of Dog Park version 2

R L Oliver

Born in Van Buren Arkansas, raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Attended public schools, graduating from Will Rogers High School.  Higher education at Harding College and University of Tulsa, graduating in Social Studies and Counseling from Southeastern State University.  Doctoral Degree in Counselor Education from East Texas State University (now Texas A & M University, Commerce, Texas). Early researcher in school bullying prevention and published numerous scientific articles and two books: The Bullying Prevention Handbook in collaboration with John Hoover, PhD and Solution Tree Press, Bloomington, Indiana.  Also published Paths to Freedom: A New Vision of Psychotherapy and the Cultivation of the Human Spirit with Phanes Press in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Also wrote The Book of Encouragement, a guide in social and living skills for developmentally disabled adults, two novels, and a book of poetry, entitled If Dirt Could Talk which explores the use of therapeutic metaphor and storytelling. I sell original art.

I first started to draw when I was about twelve years old and completed my first canvas, a portrait of Anthony Quinn as Zorba the Greek when I was twenty years old.  Since then my art education has been sporadic and occurred in both colleges and at the Philbrook Art Center in Tulsa. I have also studied watercolor under the tutelage of Dra. Lilia Yepes of Cali, Colombia

I both lives and work in Cali, Colombia and have since September 2004.


I want to paint what is around me, what is in my mind and imagination.  I have always loved both theory and philosophy and I want my art to be a personal reflection.  I started as a child by drawing faces of persons that I admired or inspired me, that captured both the mind and imagination. Now that I am retired, money from art is not a priority, i.e. it simply doesn´t matter much.  What matters to me are three important priorities: the presence of imagination, compassion and empathy toward others, the common union. All else is secondary.  With my painting I want to show life as I see it... and live it.

2014 and 2015 I placed in the top ten internationally among traditional artists as ranked by Fan Art Review. Since then I have received three Special Recognition Awards from Light, Space and of Neptune, Florida: 1. For an animal-themed contest in April 2018 where "The Hairy Armadillo" and "Shorely a Penguin" won special recognition for excellence awards, 2. For a botanica-themed contest where "Flor Bromelia", "Tree Leaf" and "Yellow Maraca" won special recognition for excellence awards, and 3. At the 555 Special Exhibit in July, 2018 sponsored by Light, Space and Time the following works won special awards for excellence: "Santa Rosa Cascade", "Imaginary Rio Piata""Flying Roots" and "Avalanche" won awards for excellence. Therefore, I have won awards for watercolor, graphite and acrylic works of art.


  • 1975 - Starving Artist Exhibition, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

  • 2013 - ¨If Dirt Could Talk¨, individual exhibition of watercolors at the Espacio Dos Gallery, Cali, Colombia.

  • 2016 – Solo exhibition at the Universidad San Buenaventura, Cali, Colombia

  • 2018 – Art Fair for Independent Artists in April in Cali, Colombia

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