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Front Cover If Dirt Could Talk 6252019.j

R.L. Oliver was first inspired to pen a collection of verses and illustrations while working on bullying prevention research in the late 1980s. In this second edition of If Dirt Could Talk, Oliver focuses his poetic presentations on animal stories with the hope of encouraging others to remember their connections with the natural world outside of themselves and recall childhood experiences that will hopefully rekindle their love of nature.  Oliver´s poems reflect on many of nature´s creatures, such as coyotes, ants and squirrels, as well as their surrounding landscapes that hold diverse plant life, such as cactus, trees, and tumbleweeds.  Included are Oliver´s vivid illustrations created in watercolor, acrylic, oil and mixed media. The book expressly explores the world of nature, its creatures and ways of joining them in spirit as a fellow living being.

Book Available for Purchase at Lulu.Com

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