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Pachamama Mural
Pachamama Mural

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Pachamama Mural
Pachamama Mural

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Pachamama From Farallones Mural
Pachamama From Farallones Mural

Picture taken by Erika Poveda

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Pachamama Mural
Pachamama Mural

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Sale of drawings and paintings

Who Am I 

I am an American, North American actually, but American nonetheless. I do have family roots in Europe and Asia, however, and dreams of Africa…. Africa is where everybody came from in the beginning, anyway. I was born in Van Buren, Arkansas [actually, I was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, which is just across the river].  So, I ask you, ¨Who are my fellow Americans, anyway? I always wanted to ask Lyndon Johnson about his fellow Americans. ¨   I would say now that my fellow Americans are anyone born in America, the New World.  Now they call it North and South America, but I think America is a better name.  Anyway, my grandfather was known as Dutch, even though his name was Winston [to be fair, my father´s father was known as Grover, named after Grover Cleveland]. That means that I have roots in Europe and also proudly claim Cherokee, or maybe Choctaw blood, two of the first nations. But enough about my background. In the foreground is one´s mission.

What Is my Mission as an artist?

My mission is to tell everybody that will listen that my best friend and the love of my life is art.  By this I mean, it is mostly painting and drawing.  I could go and on about art, but I won´t put you to sleep. Instead I will just say that art is what makes you feel alive.  Maybe it is what keeps you alive, too.  One thing is for sure, art is what gives your life meaning. I think of it as your best friend and lover all rolled up into one.  Art brings people together and together it may help in forming communities, one can only hope.  Community is just a fancy name for the common union!  You know, the only thing on this Earth, outside of family, that is worth dying for. I can better explain community through a verse I wrote several years ago. It goes like this: 


You are Just

(taken from p. 38 of If Dirt Could Talk by Ronald L. Oliver)

You are just
As I would be
If on your hill,
If in your tree.

So wish to all,
¨The best to be!¨
For those on hills,
To those in trees.

Though cast to crest or left within,
There are wings to find…
And ways to begin...

To whisk us off to lived long days,
Then last to bed, 
Where last to stay.

So, you are just as I would be...
If on your hill, if in your tree.
Then lift a toast, ¨The best to be!¨ 
For all on hills,
To all in trees.

No choice left for me, 
I choose only skies,
If all’s the same,
Forget good-byes.

Calle 3 Bis #35a, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

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© 2015 by Ronald Oliver Artist

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