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I wasn´t going to post any remarks under What is Not Important until I have really spelled out what was important to me, but alas, the software genie is not smiling on me today and it has a mind of its own that does not want to talk about things of importance. Instead, she is interested in only What is Not Important. So, I will only say this: Ninety percent of what many people think is important is, at least to me, simply unimportant. Let me give you some examples so you will know where I´m coming from. What about GENDER? Well, I answer, there is nothing to gender, nothing of real importance. Both men and women are pretty much the same. And if you don´t like your gender, then take a trip to Trinidad, Colorado or other choice locations and have have your gender changed. Frankly, I am really not interested, i.e. it simply doesn´t matter. You can be just as stupid and ignorant, just as deadly and destructive, just as phony and full of baloney if you are a man or woman. Both can be genuinely idiotic and ignorant. What about RACE, you say. Well, it is probably not even a valid word. In other words, there probably is no such thing as race, so go figure. WHAT ABOUT NATIONALITY? Nation states are simply outdated entities that need to go away and bury themselves.... they have already stunk up the world with the bodies of hundreds of millions of human beings. So, who needs them, anyway? Shall I go on with the unimportant? Enough is enough. I will save some more unimportant things for later.

76. Abstract. Mixed Media 1996.JPG

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