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3. Country Doctor pencil drawing on AF paper May 1969.JPG

Ralph Steadman, the fine British frenetic artist and cartoonist, is a favorite artist of mine. For one reason is that he is dedicated to changing the world through his art. So am I! Let´s face the facts: the world NEEDS CHANGING! How so? We could start with a few more trainloads of human compassion and caring. When 3.1 million young children die each year from malnutrition in the world, when there is sufficient food to feed everyone enough to have a healthy, active life, then THE WORLD NEEDS CHANGING! We know how to produced enough food so that every man, woman and child has adequate nutrition to sustain life, but we simply do not do it! AM I MY BROTHER´S KEEPER? Damn straight you are! So you better start acting like it. We can make life more right, more fair, more just, more humane, more kind... AND THE TIME TO START IS NOW! We can make it better! That is what I am about and what my art is all about! A better world, yes indeed! It can be done!

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