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Miksa Girl I watercolor and graphite on cotton paper RLO Nov 2014 (2).JPG

Three things immediately come to mind:

1. COMMUNITY - Our common union with others is simply called ¨COMMUNITY¨. It is perhaps the only thing worth dying for and is most definitely something to live for and cherish.

2. IMAGINATION - That power to live fully and well, to visual both our present life and future life, to solve problems with and to simply enjoy the ride.

3. COMPASSION - This is a fellow feeling, a sense of sharing feelings with and for someone, mercy, tolerance, and the expression of love for all our brothers and sisters in this world. The Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Humankind starts with compassion. How much is needed? How much do you have? I find it interesting that these three words are found in both Spanish & Englis

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