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Putting in a Plug

Fishing Tropically ink and acrylic wash painting Salsa Series RLO Feb 2015.JPG

I have stumbled upon a way to earn some extra money by referring people to the website Honestly, the site is designed for those with a primary interest in photography. I would estimate that probably 90% of the regular website participants, and there are hundreds worldwide and thousands of regular visitors, are people looking for feedback on improving their skills in photography. However, around ten percent of the active participants are what is termed ¨traditional artists¨ and I was included in that number for the last eight months of 2014 and have recently started back in posting three days per week on this site. It pays you money to review the work of others and then you are able to promote your own work and postings. It is a solid way to learn self promotion and I find that many artists suffer a deficet in this department. Anyway, if you become a member, remember to mention by referral number, i.e. #374248. Thanks!

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