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What Ink Can Do

I have been experimenting with ways and means of both drawing and painting for the past two years now and have happened upon a rediscovery of the value of ink as a creative medium. I had a turn with acrylics, a medium that always looked and smelled like latex paint to me, when I remembered the visit to San Miguel de Allende last summer and the conversation I had with Britt Zaist. She refers to her work as color field art and uses only ink these days. She said nothing was as effective for her as ink. The vibrancy and boldness of ink colors made her think there was nothing better to be had, and so she´s been using it for years. My impressions are much the same. Acrylics seem milky after working with ink. Here is a good example of what I am talking about. Maybe you agree?

Mardi Gras Forever flow ink and acrylic painting RLO Feb 2015.JPG

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