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Promote Touring Colombia?

It has recently occurred to me that Colombia is in sore need of being promoted. That is, both a summary of factual information and anecdotal impressions by English speaking persons that live here as to how safe it is, how to maximize safety while visiting or touring and what might be enjoyable places to see and sample. My first response was to consider the Santa Rosa de Cabal area as a great place for vacationing, There are three natural hot springs in the area and a really nice resort at San Vicente Hot Springs. I have also visited the very nice hotel and resort just south of Santa Rosa and it is a great place to relax, unwind and tune into some great beauty. An example of that beauty may be found in the image that´s posted with this note. It´s known as an Elephant Ear plant, but when I google that term in google images, I get a lot of plants that simply don´t have the same leaf configuration. So I don´t know what it´s called except a really big-leafed plant that is native to Colombia and on the grounds of the hotel. Hope you like it. If you think doing more of these kinds of short pieces, i.e. tourists notes,

Pseudo Elephant Ear Botanical Series watercolor RLO Mar 2015.JPG

might be helpful, please email me with your thoughts and suggestions.

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