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Pricing Policy:


   If you are considering buying one of my works, please consider the option of buying a high quality print instead. I have posted more than two hundred of my works that are available as prints on  Simply go to and review the options there.  If you do not find the work you want there, let me know via email, and I will post it to the site as soon as possible.


   You also need to be aware that shipping costs from Colombia are high.  As a consequence, I have added an additional one to two hundred dollars to the price of the work.  My experience is that for international shipping DHL offers the fastest, most reliable service, so I plan to do all shipping through this express service.

   Each photograph of my work has a fixed cost of twenty-five dollars. Purchase of each original work of art displayed, will be negotiated with the artist in reaching a fair, agreed to price.  All shipping costs will be paid by the buyer for all original works of art. If you want only a digital copy of one of my works, we will personalize the label with your name. This service will be available for all purchases from

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